How to Make Sand Succulent Bowls

Chelsea Nguyen, Managing Editor

Chelsea Nguyen
Six sand succulent bowls decorated by children and parents at the Tully Branch Library.

Materials can be found at Target, Dollar Store and Michael’s for under $20.

Materials needed (colors of your choice):

  • Bottles of glitter
  • Colored Craft Sand
  • Fake succulents
  • Tiny colorful fake pebbles
  • Clear plastic bowl
  • 1 measuring cup (8 fl. oz.)


  1. Pour one color of sand into a the measuring cup.
  2. Carefully pour the sand from the cup into the bowl.
  3. Even the surface of the sand by gently shaking the bowl.
  4. Repeat these steps with your other colors of sand, adding a new color of sand on top of the previous color.
  5. After the bowl is full of sand, take three to five succulents and place them anywhere on top of the sand.
  6. Choose pebbles to place around the succulents.
  7. Take a picture of the succulent bowl, include a short description and message it to @upa_aquila on Instagram for it to be featured.