Chelsea Nguyen
Chelsea Nguyen is in tenth grade, and this is her first time taking journalism. She is interested in journalism because she loves to research and write about topics. She has practiced some of these skills in writing Yelp reviews of different Boba tea locations. Chelsea’s favorite drink is milk tea with boba and that is a reason why she wants to visit Los Angeles. The boba places in Los Angeles are superior than the ones she goes to in San Jose. It bothers her when someone calls milk tea “boba” because they are two different items with boba being the pearls in the drink and milk tea being the actual drink. Chelsea’s celebrity crush is Cole Sprouse, but she connects well with Lili Reinhart; both are stars of the show “Riverdale.” She loves watching the show with her sister, especially on cloudy days. She also loves to watch old Disney channel shows like Kim Possible. She recently joined a group called the Sea Cadets who are training as if they are going to go into the navy, even though she is not planning on joining the army. Along with Sea cadets, she has been taking taekwondo classes for seven years. Chelsea would like to become a biomedical engineer one day because she wants to help people with science without becoming a doctor. She hopes to travel the world and help people in different countries.

Chelsea Nguyen, Reporter

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