Desiree Pekar
Desiree Pekar, a freshman, joined Aquila to pursue her interest of writing. Her aspiration in life is to write her own novel, and she hopes to be an author as a side job while being an engineer as her main job. Her hobbies include writing as well as organizing her room and making videos. Desiree’s ideal vacation spots include Hawaii and Venice, Italy, where she loves to travel through the canals in a canoe. Desiree also enjoys reading her horoscopes as a Pisces, but does not believe they are accurate. She finds it implausible for one to predict such specific readings based on the layout of stars, the sun and the moon in the sky. However, she finds the horoscopes relatable at times. Her favorite quote by Bill Murray is: “If no one comes from the future to stop you from doing it, then how bad of a decision could it really be?” Instead of contemplating if it is the right thing to do, she believes that one should stop hesitating and to “take the risk.” That way, there are no regrets for any decision one is willing to take. She believes every action and decision has a learning, whether it was a positive or negative one. If she could spend a day with any celebrity, she would spend it with Taylor Swift and they would sing a concert together. If Desiree was offered a thousand dollars, she would use that money to buy herself a new phone and room decor in black, teal, blue and purple to match her room’s theme. Desiree’s favorite food is potato soup because of the variety of flavors it offers. It also serves as Desiree’s comfort food and sparks her memories of her grandmother feeding it to her as a child.

Desiree Pekar, Reporter

Dec 09, 2018
Christmas Crossword (Story)
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