Dylan Ziegler
If junior Dylan Michael Ziegler was an ice cream flavor, he would be vanilla because of how basic and interesting it is at the same time. His aspiration in life is to be happy with no stress or anxiety, and he hopes to start a family of his own 10 years from now. If he was given the opportunity to spend a day with a celebrity, he would attend a music festival with rising star singer/songwriter Declan McKenna. Dylan’s favorite food would have to be popcorn, which he likes with salt and butter and sometimes in the form of kettle corn. His ideal vacation place is London because of how much he enjoys cities — his favorite type of place — and the rain: his favorite type of weather. If he was one day handed a thousand dollars out of the blue, he would use the money to buy himself some guitar effects pedals like Vibrato and Looper pedals to spice up his guitar playing. Some of Dylan’s hobbies include playing his guitar, watching soccer games on TV and going to out watch soccer matches in the Avaya Stadium, where he prefers to stand with the energetic, rowdy fans. On his list of favorite soccer teams are the San Jose Earthquakes, Arsenal and the U.S. men and women international teams. Dylan’s pet peeve is dealing with impatient people, but if he could impart some words of wisdom unto a passing stranger, he would say: “Sometimes, it really do be like that sometimes because sometimes, it just really do.”

Dylan Ziegler, Sports Editor

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