Greg Haessner
Greg Ramos Haessner, a junior, decided to venture into the world of journalism this year. Greg is ambitious about giving back to his community by improving urban development, and in ten years he hopes to be involved in politics and attain his a J.D. degree. Greg’s celebrity crush is Channing Tatum because of his beautiful body structure and stunning face, and he loves the movie “21 Jump Street.” However, if he could spend a day with any celebrity it would be Bill Burr, his favorite comedian, and they would spend the day reenacting comedy shows. Greg aspires to work on a huge company project in one location outside of the United States, and he strongly believes in the blood type personality theory because there is historical background that proves this theory is true. His favorite quote is “We don’t define history, it defines us” by Martin Luther King Jr. because it inspires him to leave the ordinary behind and try new things. Greg loves to wake up every morning to the fresh and calming aroma of morning dew because he loves nature and all of its aspects, including its smell. Greg's favorite word is “I” and two words that best describe Greg are “I am” because he believes these two words conclude an accurate description of him since they are open to any and every sort interpretation.

Greg Haessner, In-Depth Editor

Apr 09, 2019
Course Ahead | Episode 1: Jovita Mi (Story)
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