Jack Grzegorzyk
A current junior and guitar player in his first year with Aquila, Jack Cunha Grzegorzyk has many aspirations including living out the classic American dream. Jack also admires the success and progress of his celebrity crush Michelle Obama. His friends would describe him as very funny, as he often shows off his humor on his favorite app, Instagram. Jack can't go a day without his favorite artist, Taylor Swift, playing in his head. His favorite song, “22”, gets stuck easily in his head. Jack loves cool weather and sightseeing,so the perfect vacation spot for him is anywhere in the mountains. He has spoken Portuguese, his second language, since he was a child; his mom taught him at an early age so they could visit Brazil in the summer. Jack also loves to read, reading many books during his free time. His favorite ones are about war, like “Band of Brothers.” Jack also describes himself as mellow and cheerful, and he loves hot-dogs, eagles and Home Depot. Jack is proud of his heritage, but most closely identifies as an American. He would love to spend a sunny day at the beach any time, probably eating oranges.

Jack Grzegorzyk, Reporter

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