Joe Shem
He’s the type of person who would eat tuna sushi for the rest of his life and drink apple cider, an emblem for the holidays he spends with his extended family. Adventuring into the world of journalism for the first time, freshman Joseph Shem, more often known as Joe, creates plastic models in his free time. He spends one to two hours meticulously gluing together kits from Japan to create spaceships. When Joe was younger, he discovered YouTube and has developed an interest watching videos from Casually Explained, a channel that produces satirical clips. In the future, Joe sees himself studying computer science at UC Irvine and working for a startup company. He enjoys algorithms because it’s frustrating and difficult, and he likes to play with the lists and variables. If he happened to win $1,000, he would place it in the bank to gain interest over time. Once he has enough money, he will use it to pay for college. Joe likes to read manga at BookOff, a used bookstore in Los Angeles, and prefers Instagram to SnapChat. He loves to eat a fried chicken sandwich from Chick-fil-A as well as mint chip ice-cream, and he lives by the quote: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely” by Eric Hoffer, an American philosopher. Fluent in English and Japanese, Joe has traveled to Japan about 10 times, but his dream trip would be to take a tour of Yellowstone National Park before it erupts and becomes uninhabitable.

Joe Shem, Reporter

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