Julia Wong
Julia Wong, a freshman and a first year student journalist, sees herself in college in a few years. Julia enjoys using Snapchat because it is more interesting compared to iMessaging. Hamilton songs get stuck in her head easily, and she loves the whole soundtrack. If she had a thousand dollars, she would buy all the SIMS 4 expansion packs and then save the rest of the money. She would love to spend the whole day out in the snow making snow angels. The only language she speaks is English. If she were an ice-cream flavor, it would be chocolate because she says it is delicious. Her favorite quote is: “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” She has two cats named Felix and Honey who are very cuddly and patient, and she loves them both dearly. She also loves to read books, and her favorite punctuation is the question mark. Her favorite food is pizza because she likes the cheese on the pizza.

Julia Wong, Reporter

Mar 13, 2019
Behind the Scenes of a Rally (Story/Media)
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