Kristian Crowther
Kristian Crowther, a junior in high school, is starting his second year in journalism. He chose to take it again because he wants to help build a stronger foundation for the Aquila. Kristian aspires to become an author who writes fictional stories, which would give him the chance to publish creative novels with unique characters, backgrounds and settings. His influences came from reading “Legend by Marie Lu. Kristian also desires to be a graphic novelist. He would describe himself as creative, and he spends most of his time exploring the arts such as music, drawing, painting and writing. He describes his personality as goofy since he is always making people laugh with puns, weird jokes or when he overdresses for spirit week at school. One of Kristian’s favorite quote is “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take,” which accurately describes Kristian’s passion for exploring new interests. The quote motivates Kristian to always explore new interests and never let anything pass him by. He would like to visit Los Angeles, filled with beaches and Hollywood, to explore the interests of film-making and directing.

Kristian Crowther, Multimedia Manager

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