Luca Scarra
Luca James Scarra is a junior with a knack for streaming video games, spending time with loved ones and pursuing his dreams of either becoming a professional streamer or rugby player. Aside from this, Luca has a taste for music, especially for R&B artist Khalid; his favorite song is “Eastside” by Khalid ft. Halsey. Foodwise, Luca has an American taste, despite being Canadian, as his favorite ice-cream flavor is chocolate and his favorite food item are french fries. He realizes these aren’t the best food choices, but to that, he states his favorite quote: “It really do be like that sometimes.” Luca loves spending time with his family, friends and especially his chocolate lab, Shadow. He sees himself as a loving, yet funny person, and having to fake laugh at a failed attempt of a joke not only makes him uncomfortable, but he also feels bad for having to pretend to like the joke. Luca states that if he had a thousand dollars, he would probably splurge it on computer parts and hardware from his favorite website, Luca believes that with the new, improved, higher end computer parts, he would not be able to provide a much higher quality streaming experience for his viewers.

Luca Scarra, Social Media Manager

Apr 19, 2019
Not What They Seem (Story)
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