Mya Mowatt
Mya Tatianna Mowatt, or MyMy as she was nicknamed by her mother, is a junior in her first year of journalism. Mya has uncommon interests: she favors hues of light grey and speaks the made-up language “brok eng” with her close friends. Her favorite phrase in “brok eng” is “welk” or “welcome” in traditional English. By the time she is 30, she hopes to simply maintain stability and have a house along with four adorable children. This house would be located in a bustling city such as San Diego, preferably near a dentist’s office so that Mya can pursue the legacy career in her family: dentistry. Ideally, she would be commuting with her dream car, a modest Honda Civic Coupe. Until then, Mya will be living with her parents and her cute bunny, Chocolate. Currently, Mya is an Instagram addict and avid meme-sender. According to her, Instagram is for memes while SnapChat is for communication. Offline, Mya’s favorite book of all time is “Revival” by Stephen King. In this novel, an individual struggles with his religious views. Mya identifies with this struggle; on the one hand, she feels guilty for subscribing to one belief because there are so many others that could be true, but on the other, she feels as if she does not owe it to anyone to support a certain faith. Currently, though, she considers herself an atheist because it is a straightforward label. Mya would love to experience a rainy day in Portland, Oregon, as she has never been and she considers rain the most mesmerizing natural phenomenon.

Mya Mowatt, Reporter

Feb 17, 2019
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