Rasleen Saran
Rasleen Saran, also nicknamed Razzle Dazzle, is a junior proud to be a part of Aquila for the first time. She enjoys cooking, Bollywood dancing and occasionally browsing real-estate websites for fun. Rasleen sees herself as a happy, thriving person, and in ten years she would like to sit back and be a confident, successful lawyer. She also hopes that when she makes enough money, she can vacation around Europe and to parts of the Caribbean. In order to get there, she lives by the quote: “Never let failure get in your way because you are always doing your best.” When she isn’t aspiring about her future, she enjoys going to Target and buying any type of iced latte from Starbucks. When she isn't buying coffee, she enjoys buying grey clothing because they can match with anything else. Rasleen loves cookie dough ice cream because it has an interesting taste, yet it is similar to cookies and creme, another favorite of hers.

Rasleen Saran, Reporter

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