Sebastian Meza
Sebastian Meza, a junior, has just started his journey in the world of journalism. Sebastian has many passions and one passion he has is rock climbing. He has invested lots of money for rock climbing gear, and he has climbed eight different sites, but his favorite place to rock climb is LA Boulders. In 10 years, Sebastian wishes to become an architect as he wants to make a mark in this world and be known for his future accomplishments. He has been interested in the profession since he was in fourth grade; it all started when he played Minecraft. When he started playing Minecraft, he loved building structures such as mansions. Later on, he began drawing and designing the buildings that he dreams to build one day. He also built a garden for his mom and a dog house for his dog, Peluche. Sebastian also loves california sushi rolls, and he would eat sushi for every meal. In addition, he loves his two dogs: Penelope, a Chihuahua, and Peluche, a German Shepherd.

Sebastian Meza, Reporter

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