Tobenna Nwosu
Tobenna Chinedu Nwosu, more casually known as Toby, is a junior in his first year of journalism. Currently, he aspires to become a professional basketball player since he has been playing since the age of four. He has played for the Amateur Athletic Union and UPA’s basketball team before, alternating between the small forward and shooting guard position. Lebron James is his ideal celebrity to meet, and Tobenna believes Lebron is the smartest basketball player. He feels he has learned so much about the game of basketball from him. Although Tobenna is of African heritage, he only speaks English and Spanish; however, his parents speak the Igbo language. Also, he likes french vanilla ice-cream because it allows him to stay “unique” from other choices. One of Tobenna’s favorite foods is fettucine alfredo pasta with chicken, a very delicate pasta with alfredo sauce on top. In the future, Tobenna wants to be successful, and he backs this up by providing ways of being able handle large amounts of money, such as a thousand dollars. He would put some money into rapidly growing businesses, some for Black Friday shopping and the majority for family holiday and birthday gifts or just for safekeeping.

Tobenna Nwosu, Reporter

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