Akhila Ayyadevara
Akhila Ayyadevara is a freshman at UPA entering her first year onboard Aquila. When not doing homework, Ayyadevara strongly dislikes being unproductive, so reading is something that makes her feel productive while still enjoying herself. Her favorite types of books are fiction, and she draws inspiration from the books she reads into her own stories. While not every story is fully developed, Ayyadevara hopes that,  in the future, a career as an author is down the line. Ayyadevara speaks two languages: English and Telugu. Although she does not speak Telugu as much as she used to when she was younger, Ayyadevara hopes to regain some of her fluency in the language in the future. Ayyadevara’s favorite weather is sweater weather around the fall and winter months. Her favorite activity during sweater weather is to sit in her house drinking hot chocolate. One topic that Ayyadevara believes should get more attention in the news is police brutality. She believes that there is a belief about the police force that they can do no wrong, causing the lack of news coverage to frustrate her. Contrary to many, Ayyadevara does believe that money brings happiness but still describes herself as stingy. And yes, Ayyadevara is aware that she has a similar name to Aquila, and she still thinks someone is calling her when someone says “Aquila.”

Akhila Ayyadevara, Reporter

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Akhila Ayyadevara