Britney Stout
Britney Stout, a sophomore and first-year student journalist, joined journalism because of her interest in writing and the positive opinions she heard about the class. She enjoys playing soccer, making bracelets and jewelry, reading, and creating art. Stout started playing soccer when she was in second grade and currently plays competitively for the Central Valley soccer league. She started making bracelets earlier this year after a friend got her into it, and she can now make friendship bracelets, bead bracelets, and chain bracelets. If given $1000, she would spend around $700 on stationery, such as pens, pencils, papers, sticky notes, and journals, and the rest on books and memberships for Apple Music and Netflix. Some of her favorite shows are “The Office,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “Once Upon A Time”. Written by Morgan Harper Nichols, her favorite quote is “Having to wait does not make you a failure. You are still going to get where you are meant to be when you are meant to be there,” because of her interpretation of the meaning: everything happens for a reason, and just one failure does not describe who you are as a person. Although she is not the biggest fan of sweet desserts like brownies or cookies, she does like macaroons and crème brûlée.

Britney Stout, Reporter

Jun 07, 2020
Behind a Mask of Insults (Story/Media)
The Student News Site of University Preparatory Academy
Britney Stout