Melanie Rayas
Melanie “Melon” Rayas, a sophomore at UPA, marks her first year in journalism. She was given the nickname “Melon” by her close friends, who are very important to her. Another important part of Rayas’s life is her Catholic religion because it gives her something to believe in. Never wanting to let fear get in the way of doing something, Rayas takes the quote “If it truly matters to you, you’ll do something about it” to heart. Inspired by Marvel’s Dr. Banner, Rayas dreams of becoming a surgeon and traveling to a third-world country to provide health services. She strongly believes that society’s lack of treatment towards the homeless is an issue that should be addressed. Rayas also delights in watching anime; one of Rayas’s favorite Japanese animes, “Black Jack,” reinforces her dream to become a surgeon. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Rayas hopes to improve her Japanese skills someday. At the heart of Rayas’s happiness lies tamales. To Rayas, the best part of a tamale is the taste of the chicken, which can only be found in the tamales sold in a Walmart parking lot.

Melanie Rayas, Reporter

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Melanie Rayas