Akshara Kollu
Akshara Kollu--also known as Awkshara or Ackshara to those who can’t pronounce her name correctly--is a junior and aspiring writer who chose to enroll in journalism this year to develop her writing skills. In fact, in ten years, her goal is to have at least two young adult novels published. Two words that she would use to describe herself are straightforward and truthful; Kollu values honesty above all else and expects as much from others. Among her special skills is the fact that she can sleep for 24 hours in one sitting--a stark contrast to the seven to seven and a half hours of sleep the average person gets. Further, Kollu loves warm and sunny days, during which she lounges in her sunroom. At home, Kollu speaks Telugu, but she can also understand Tamil and Hindi because she was exposed to the languages at a young age through television shows and her parents. Friends and family are important to Kollu, and she has one sibling: Taran, her 10-year-old younger brother. As for her political views, Kollu believes that climate change and the effects of human energy consumption do not receive enough media attention, citing the amount of time it took news organizations to properly report on the Amazon fire as a prime example.

Akshara Kollu, Copy Editor

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Akshara Kollu