Why Indians should stand with the Black Lives Matter movement

Digital drawing of an Indian woman wearing a Black Lives Matter mask.

Akshara Kollu, Copy Editor

September 9, 2020

The Gandhi Mahal, a Bangladeshi-Indian restaurant in Minneapolis, was set aflame on May 9 amid the protests and riots regarding Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the unjust treatment of George Floyd, amid crimes against other Black citizens. Yet Ruhel Islam, the owner of the restaurant, continued to stand by the pr...

The Great Debate

The 2019-2020 Bollywood dance team, Guzaarish, poses for a photo before their weekly Friday afterschool practice. Guzaarish means

Desiree Pekar

May 29, 2020

Music blasts in the gym. Students cheer on the Guzaarish dancers. After Guzaarish ends, students clap for the cheer team as they watch them create a variety of formations. Then, a flyer is lifted up into the air, supported by two girls at the base. But what the audience cannot see is the sweat that beads on the ...

Under Pressure

Under Pressure

Kristian Crowther

September 6, 2019

On the three orange and blue plaques hung up in every UPA classroom, students are told to be honest, accountable and to persevere in all of their academic endeavors; however, there comes a point when students may feel that breaking these very values is the only option to achieve success. “The i...

Mental Health? What’s That?

Katherine Nguyen and Pallavi Rajani

June 3, 2019

“Split.” “Psycho.” “Girl, Interrupted.” Hollywood movies tend to use mental health as a driving force through their characters. Often a defining characteristic of the villain, mental illnesses such as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) leave a mark on the audience—crazy people ha...

A Book Over a Cellphone

A Book Over a Cellphone

Desiree Pekar

April 8, 2019

You check the time on your phone and turn on a playlist to listen to as you walk towards the doors of the library. Once inside, you put down your phone and pick up the sequel to the book you just finished. You flip to the first page and begin to read. You read until you hear on the PA system that ...

Rewinding the History of YouTube Rewind

Rewinding the History of YouTube Rewind

Jacob Villareal, Reporter

February 12, 2019

YouTube is one of the key aspects in social media and trends. Anyone is able to upload videos with a diverse variety of content including gaming, appealing skits and blogging. If a video garners enough attention from viewers, there is a chance of the video going viral. Videos containing conte...

The Real Life “Crossy Road” Experience

The Real Life

Annie Zhang, Fun & Games Editor

July 8, 2018

People are familiar with the game “Crossy Road,” released in 2014. It is a mobile game where the player must avoid being flattened by cars while trying to cross the streets. UPA students and teachers who ride the VTA light rail encounter their real-life “Crossy Road” as they cross Canoas Garden Ave...

We’re Not Angry; We’re Just Disappointed

Ruchika Singla, In-Depth Editor

June 8, 2018

Thirteen and a half years. We had been preparing for 13 and a half years to enter the realm of adulthood by stepping into the next phase of our life: college. We crammed every bit of those 13 and a half years into a 350 word essay, a brief resume, a portfolio. We, taking information from...

No, Women Are Not Up for Grabs

Emily Hung, Editor-in-Chief

March 8, 2018

In light of increasing tension around the issue of sexual harassment, victims of harassment who have exposed their perpetrators—also known as Silence Breakers—are setting the example on an issue that could easily shame those harmed into silence. Earlier this school year, two students were disci...

Violence Warrants a Desire for Changes

A #VegasStrong banner now covers the area where shooter Stephen Paddock broke the window to his 32nd-floor suite on Oct. 1, killing 59 people attending an open music festival on the Vegas Strip. 

Nicole Rendler, Managing Editor

December 4, 2017

Reading the news in 2017 is like watching a horror movie, seeing so many people die right in front of your eyes. With what seems to be a shooting every day, it begs the question: How many people are going to die before America realizes that gun control is necessary? Gun violence, whic...

Scouting Worlds Collide with Mixed Reactions

Nicole Rendler, Managing Editor

November 4, 2017

This will probably be the first and only time I will say this, but there is no reason for girls to be included. This was my gut reaction to the announcement on Oct. 11 that Boy Scouts of America will officially be allowing girls into the Cub Scout ranks of their organization as well as making a new...

To Pimp an English Class

Juniors (left to right) Adithya Gutala, Adrienne Lee, Joshua Villarin, Hailey Finnecy, Zoe Marley, Joanna Mathew, Shirley Nguyen, and Samuel Indurkar annotate and compare rap lyrics to novel

Jacob Cayabyab

October 20, 2016

A communist pig with a vendetta to animals, two teenagers infatuated with each other, and a pair of best friends who work to buy land and have a farm walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “What can I get you?” They all reply, “Worksheets about what the characters felt during this scene,...

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