Ayurveda: Another form of Mental and Physical Awareness

Ayurveda: Another form of Mental and Physical Awareness

Vishaka Anand, Team Editor May 28, 2023

According to an article by the National Library of Medicine titled “Ayurveda: a historical perspective of the traditional healthcare system in India”, Ayurveda is one of the world’s earliest holistic...

Snack Swap Shop

Snack Swap Shop

Ben Meyer and Lance Peraza April 29, 2023

Introduction:   Ben : One of the reasons that I decided to do an exchange was that I wanted to explore new cultures. I love to travel and I love to see new countries. Luckily, my friend Lance...

The 1975 At Home

The 1975 At Home

Karen Heng, Reporter April 7, 2023

Released on October 14, 2022, “Being Funny in a Foreign Language” (BFIAFL) is The 1975’s fifth studio album to come out. The album blends genres of pop, folk, funk, rock and synthwave together. BFIAFL...

On a ‘Sugar Rush Ride’

On a ‘Sugar Rush Ride’

Taylor Nguyen, Social Media Manager April 1, 2023

TOMORROW X TOGETHER opened the scenes of fourth generation K-pop to a unique world of fantasy-like storytelling through their music, revealing a new chapter of their story with each release. The K-pop...

Could “NOPE” be a nope?

Could “NOPE” be a nope?

Chris Park, Reporter March 6, 2023

A grainy footage of a man on a horse. A chimpanzee on a murderous rampage. A house tinted wine-red with blood. Jordan Peele’s film “NOPE” fuses dissonant factors into an electrifying carousel of...

The Alisa and Cindy Podcast ft. Maryann Huynh

The Alisa and Cindy Podcast ft. Maryann Huynh

Alisa Tran and Cindy Tran May 10, 2021

In The Alisa and Cindy Podcast: Maryann Huynh and Everything K-Pop, Alisa Tran and Cindy Tran discuss with freshman Maryann Huynh about her interest in K-pop music. Learn about Huynh's favorite idols,...

ENHYPEN commences their online fanmeet with their performance of 10 Months. From left to right: Sunghoon, Heeseung, Ni-ki, Jake, Sunoo, Jungwon, and Jay.

Connecting Worlds Through a Screen: K-pop group ENHYPEN hosts first in-person and online fanmeet

Chelsea Nguyen, Managing Editor March 9, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has not stopped ENHYPEN, the first seven-member K-pop boy group under Belift Lab, from debuting and making K-pop history as the first group to host an in-person and online fanmeet. Formed...

In Supernatural’s pilot episode, Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) and Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) watch as Dean’s car is turned on by a ghost.

Saving people. Hunting things. The family business.

Julia Wong, Reporter March 1, 2021

When The CW Television Network’s “Supernatural” first aired on Sept. 13, 2005, it was merely a show about two good-looking brothers who crossed the country in their muscle car fighting monsters....

Can Guys Wear Birkenstocks? | Aquila Broadcast

Can Guys Wear Birkenstocks? | Aquila Broadcast

Dylan Ziegler, Luca Scarra, and Evelyn Ramirez July 26, 2020

Editor's Note: This video was originally published on YouTube on Jan. 6, 2020.  Dylan Ziegler asks UPA students the question that really matters: Can guys wear Birkenstocks? Reporting by Dylan Ziegler,...

George MacKay stands as Lance Corporal Schofield in a World War I trench.

All is fair in love and ‘1917’

Akhila Ayyadevara, Editor-in-Chief June 5, 2020

“1917” is an Oscar-winning movie of 2020 whose awards are well-deserved. The movie is a war-time drama based on World War I and, as the title suggests, is set in the year 1917. It follows two characters,...

This Netflix advertisement includes images of Doc Antle, Carole Baskin and intended hitman Allen Glover. Photo courtesy of Netflix.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Misinterpretations?

Akshara Kollu, Copy Editor May 23, 2020

Editor’s Note: This article contains spoilers of the Netflix original show “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness.” The most-watched show Netflix program in March for nearly two weeks, “Tiger...

A television inside a house shows the game “Animal Crossing” displayed with an avatar joyfully fishing on the shore of a beach.

A Vacation from Home

Melanie Rayas May 15, 2020

If you have been on the internet for the past few months, you have likely heard about “Animal Crossing: New Horizons,” a video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch that was released on...

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