Junior Trip Returns!
Junior Trip Returns!
Shibani Ghosh, Team Editor • April 16, 2023

From Feb. 13 to 16, 99 juniors visited seven colleges and saw first hand what campus life is like. The itinerary included the following colleges: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, Cal State University Fullerton, UC Riverside, Cal Poly Pomona and UCLA, in which students went to two per day and one on the last day. Students started the trip by arriving at UPA campus at 5:00...

Sebastian demonstrates the functionality of her jack-in-the-box costume by going in and popping out of her cardboard box, per the emcees’ request.
ASB hosts scavenger hunt and Costume Day to celebrate Halloween
December 6, 2022

With the end of Marking Period 2 on Friday, Oct. 28, the following Monday was scheduled to be the usual Data Day, a day off for students. However,...

On March 23 Jennifer Rojas led a Parent University webinar on Emotional Regulation Part 1: Recognizing Whats Wrong.” It covered why people have emotions, why emotions being too high or too low can be harmful, tools to understand students emotions and the impact of inward emotions on mental health. (Photo by Haylie Yee.)
Parent University program holds six courses to support student guardians
May 20, 2022

UPA Founder Jackie Guevara and math teacher Jaz Dhillon created Parent University in 2011. Initially called Parent Workshops until a name change...

Nahum Hinsta (12) promposes to his girlfriend Tiffany Tran (12), and all of the male pageant contestants celebrate with him. (Photo by Mariah Myers.)
Seniors raise over $1,000 during Nuit de Monsieur
April 19, 2022

Sophomores, juniors and seniors all came together to be a part of UPA’s 2022 Male Pageant, located in the amphitheater on March 25. Director...

The two exits in the student parking lot lead to a traffic jam as it is a common place where students are picked up. (Photo by Christopher Alvarez.)
Parking Situation Frustrates Students
March 13, 2022

As you walk towards your car slowly after a tiring school day, you notice the abundance of cars lined up, fighting over parking spots and parked...

Bha-Ra-Ta-Natyam: The Emotion, Melody and Rhythm of Classical Dance

Zahra Shaikh, Team Editor
May 6, 2024

“[Bharatanatyam] has always been really important to me. When I actually got up on that stage [for the first time], I was a little bit scared, but I had a lot of fun performing and I felt really proud [of] myself after it was over,” freshman Radha Achar said.    Bharatanatyam is a cultural...

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Sisterhood Through the Ages

Lorenzo Almario, Reporter
May 3, 2024

“Happy Face!” sophomore Dominique Ananayo's three-year-old sister said.   Happy face is a phrase Ananayo and her family repeat when cheering up the crying toddler, but when Ananayo was under pressure and on the verge of tears, her sister returned that comfort.   Sibling...

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Interested in Applying for ASB?

Celina Tandon, Team Editor
February 19, 2024

It’s 7:15 AM on Tuesday, a time they dread. The sun has barely peeked over the horizon. Most students are sleeping. The few that wake up know that they can sleep for one more hour. Some are early birds and find it time to wake up. Though a select few individuals are bewildered at the fact their moms...

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Laufey in the Bay

Kara Luayon, Reporter
May 1, 2024

From the start, Icelandic-Chinese singer Laufey has captivated audiences around the world with her fresh take on Jazz music.    The music style originated in the 1920s and was popularized in the cities of New Orleans, Chicago and New York City, and was highly promoted in the African-American...

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A Gilmore Girls Story: The Downfall of Rory

Shibani Ghosh, Team Editor
February 28, 2024

Gilmore Girls, an American comedy-drama directed by Amy Sherman-Palladino, follows the lives of Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory Gilmore through seven seasons. As the show progresses, viewers learn more about their complex lives. I started watching this show in eighth grade, and haven’t stopped...

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Isaac Rios, Copy Editor
January 31, 2023

Since I can remember, my mother always read my school announcements in Spanish. I always found it ironic that she made me practice my reading and comprehension in Spanish but she still chose to read the original English versions of the announcements because it communicated information more accurately. “All [Spanish flyers and ads] I read are half-translated,” my mother said, explaining her rationale...

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Pick & Roll Podcast Quarantine Edition ft. Jason Plasschaert
Pick & Roll Podcast | Season Conclusion 2020

Pick & Roll Podcast | Season Conclusion 2020

July 26, 2020

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Mixing Metals

Mixing Metals

May 8, 2024

Ayurveda: Another form of Mental and Physical Awareness

Ayurveda: Another form of Mental and Physical Awareness

May 28, 2023

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