March 13, 2021: One Year Later | Aquila Broadcast

March 13, 2021: One Year Later | Aquila Broadcast

Kyla Ulug, Team Editor March 13, 2021

The UPA campus closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic on March 13, 2020 after a county-wide order. Junior Sainirnay Mantrala and senior Isabella Bronner speak on the experience after one year. Reporting...

Malone and Lawson pose for a photo at the sign-up desk, where they collect their gloves and vests.

‘There’s no one easy solution’: How Green Team established a recycling system, their thoughts on Biden’s climate strategy and hopes for the future

Jenna Plasschaert, Team Editor February 10, 2021

Bright blue plastic bins sit in classrooms at UPA. With the three white arrows forming an unmistakable triangle, these recycling bins get filled with bottles and cans before being emptied every Friday...

Young Kristo’s cover for “HADES,” Coquilla’s first song, which was released on July 13.

‘It kind of sounds like poetry’: Student rapper Young Kristo releases his first album, ‘COLD HEARTED’

Akshara Kollu, Copy Editor January 29, 2021

Sophomore Christopher Coquilla joked about being a rapper on SoundCloud, an open audio and music platform, near the end of his freshman year. “I just kept telling everyone, ‘Oh I’m going to...

Digital illustration of a Republican (left) and Democrat (right) fighting each other.

Divided We Stand: How political stances shape UPA

Vidya Achar, Team Editor December 8, 2020

As a result of the November election, tension and bitterness run high on both sides of the political spectrum. At UPA, several students are struggling to maintain relationships because of differences...

UPA alumnus Hannah Van Gelder sits on her bed in her dorm at Marymount Manhattan College.

College Looks Different for UPA’s Class of 2020

Akshara Kollu, Copy Editor December 3, 2020

After finishing the remainder of their senior year online, UPA’s Class of 2020 has started college, albeit differently than how they had imagined when they first applied. For liberal studies major...

A friend commissioned Seibly to create a drawing of the World of Warcraft video game, which is one of his favorite art pieces he has made.

Jump into a fantasy world with art teacher Cameron Seibly

Julia Wong, Reporter November 14, 2020

Art teacher Cameron Seibly has been “world building” since he was a child, first with Legos and 3D modeling kits and then with digital art. Inspired by the creative process behind “Lord of the...

Science teacher Matthew Bourbeau's UC Irvine roommates snap a goofy picture at Golfland in San Jose during the summer of 2019. From left to right: Jason Yu, Reo Sato, Bourbeau and Robert Dang.

Lights, Chemistry, Physics!: New teacher Matthew Bourbeau joins the science department

Janessa Ulug, Co-Editor-in-Chief November 10, 2020

It is 2013. High school senior Matthew Bourbeau stands hunched over on a stage at Atascadero High School, donning an uncomfortable glued-on beard as he plays the wise old rabbi in Atascadero High School’s...

English teacher Meredith March poses for a photo in her classroom in Dartmouth, where she has been working during distance learning.

From Jane Austen to Salman Rushdie: Why Meredith March became an English teacher

Akhila Ayyadevara, Team Editor October 6, 2020

New English teacher Meredith March—who teaches seventh grade English and AP Language and Composition—has known she wanted to be a teacher since she was five years old. “I've always loved the...

Siu takes a silly classroom picture with her fourth grade students in 2018 at Kuwait American School.

Global Teaching Crusade: New teacher August Siu joins the math department

Katherine Nguyen, Multimedia Manager September 4, 2020

Math teacher August Siu peers at the virtual displays of her students in a Zoom meeting as they gaze back, waiting for her next instruction. This is not how she originally envisioned her first day...

Three Weeks Later (COVID-19 Stories) w/ Andrew Crabtree

Three Weeks Later (COVID-19 Stories) w/ Andrew Crabtree

Kristian Crowther and Greg Haessner July 26, 2020

Editor's Note: This episode was originally published on April 19, 2020. On April 14, UPA announced it would be moving to a Pass/Fail grading system hours after the recording of the...

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