Greg Haessner
Greg Ramos Haessner, a senior, is journeying into his second and final year of journalism at UPA, previously having strengthened his abilities in photography and design. An aspiring politician, Haessner plans to have his J.D. by 25, as he would prefer not to spend all of his 20s in law school. If Haessner was given $1000 to spend, he would spend it on gas and groceries. Haessner would choose to eat sushi for the rest of his life because of the hodgepodge of ingredients that it has. A native English speaker, Haessner would like to learn Tagalog so he can better understand what the people around him at home are saying. He values loyalty and respect from his peers, as having an unwavering friend is encouraging for him. Alongside loyalty and respect, Haessner values being able to connect with others, especially if his partner in conversation has views that differ from his. If given a day for himself, Haessner would watch the news and run, using the exercise as an outlet to train his body. He thinks that males suffering from loneliness and anxiety should be covered more in the news. “Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up,” a quote implemented and integrated into Haessner’s daily life, it reminds him that one can always continue on their way with their previous mistakes in mind.

Greg Haessner, Multimedia Manager

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Greg Haessner