Kristian Crowther
Senior Kristian Crowther, one of Aquila’s Co-Editors-in-Chief, is currently in his third year of journalism. In his first year as a student journalist, Crowther discovered his favorite type of food while reporting on a UPA Poki Bowl fundraiser: Japanese. Although he did develop a fear of raw fish after getting food poisoning from the event, Japanese food still holds a special place in his stomach. Crowther aspires to emerge in Hollywood as a film director or editor after attending USC’s film school. His love of filmmaking stems from Lego stop-motion animation which he started in the fifth grade for a school project on “The Hunger Games”. After his affinity for Legos died down in seventh grade, Crowther found himself writing his novel Orion in order to explore creative options outside of filmmaking. Originally titled “Omega,” the plot follows a young boy with a sleeve tattoo and amnesia who wakes up in an alternate future after World War III. One of Crowther’s favorite book series, “Legend,” written by Marie Lu, inspired the idea. Although the original draft was only 100 pages long and is now buried deep in his Google Drive, the most recent draft, which Crowther wrote this summer, is 88,000 words. In general, Crowther is creative, motivated and passionate which is reflected in his description of a perfect Saturday: locking himself in his room and editing projects for over eight hours. He hopes to eventually have his novel published and adapted into a Netflix series that he himself would direct.

Kristian Crowther, Co-Editor-in-Chief

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Kristian Crowther