Rory Dhanota
Freshman Rory Dhanota wants to put a smile on as many faces as she can. Even though Rory is currently enjoying journalism, she hopes to one day pursue a profession that relates with helping animals. As seen, her passion is being with animals. She currently has two dogs named Buddy and Lucky. In ten years, she sees herself graduated with the college of her dreams — Florida State — and married to a loyal, funny husband. In Rory’s future, she would love to spend a day with Camila Cabello because she is charismatic and would go to Oakridge mall with her since it has all of Rory’s favorite stores. Since she likes tropical weather and the beach, a grande upside down iced caramel macchiato would be refreshing to enjoy at her favorite vacation place: Hawaii. Rory also loves winter because she enjoys going to Christmas in the Park. If she was given a thousand dollars, she would save it and use it to buy Christmas presents for everyone. Rory’s favorite color is pink which directly describes her personality because she is very bright and happy. What keeps her sane is her favorite food, steak, which she craves most of the time.

Rory Dhanota, Arts & Culture Editor

Apr 12, 2019
Chocolate Eruption (Story/Media)
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Rory Dhanota