News Brief: The World in One Mind


Hannah Crabtree

Andrew Crabtree (8) holding his certificate as the school champion of the 2018 National Geographic Bee. 

During lunch on Jan. 26 and 30, eighth grader Andrew Crabtree and the members of the Geography Club sat in Harvard participating in the Geography Bee.

Crabtree enjoys learning about different aspects of the world and competing against others, which led him to create this year’s Geography Club with the encouragement of his mother.

The test consisted of seven sections that included need-to-know facts and regions to identify.

He studied for the test with club members and at home with his mother for half an hour to an hour every day using the website Kahoot! and practice questions to review.

“There’s a lot more to the world than I would’ve thought because you learn really surprising [facts] about the world,” Crabtree said, “about how many different peoples there are, the regions of the world and how different they are.”

With his determination, he achieved a score of 224 points out of a possible 230.

Crabtree’s success at the school level led him to receiving a medal, a certificate, a map and an inflatable globe as prizes for winning first place.

He has signed up and received a response that he will be able to participate in the State Bee at California State University, Fresno on April 6.

If Crabtree passes that, he would move on to the National Bee where he could receive a cash prize and recognition for his knowledge in Geography if he placed in a top category.