Seniors raise over $1,000 during Nuit de Monsieur

Sophomores, juniors and seniors all came together to be a part of UPA’s 2022 Male Pageant, located in the amphitheater on March 25. Director of Community Development Laura Gordon Reska, Alyssa Garcia (12), Ashritha Cheeyandira (12) and Natalie Pham (12) helped host this event.

The Mr. August trio walks on the catwalk for their first appearance to the audience. (Photo by Mariah Myers.)

The seniors raised $1,095 for senior scholarships through the show. During the performance, each group of boys was separated by months of the year to showcase their skills and talents. The itinerary for the night began with the opening dances; the first round was suit and tie; the second round was personality interviews; the third round was month representation; and the fourth round was talent. “It was super fun to do because I had practice with Chris Coquilla and Brandon Tran,” Christian Perez (11) said. “I am a bit nervous as well because some of my friends and family are going to be here to support me in the audience.”

Mr. January, consisting of Mehul Arunarthi (10), Panav Vashishat (10) and Abhishek Mynam (10), walk onto the catwalk and give the judges sparkling apple cider for their round three act. (Photo by Mariah Myers.)

The boys came up with their own ideas for each performance. Some performances included singing, dancing, playing the piano and even an impromptu haircut, during which Joven Bains (12) shaved Oswaldo Magallon’s (12) head. Towards the end of the event, the audience voted to determine who won the Mr. Congeniality title. Boxes labeled with each month were placed along the amphitheater stage and each group decorated their own box. The audience placed their voting slip into the box after the last performance. First, second and third place were decided on by a panel of four judges.

Nahum Hinsta (12) promposes to his girlfriend Tiffany Tran (12), and all of the male pageant contestants celebrate with him. (Photo by Mariah Myers.)

In the end, first place went to the group Mr. August, which consisted of Perez, Brandon Tran (11) and Christopher Coquilla (11). Second place was Eros Garcia (12) as Mr. April. Third place was Magallon and Bains as Mr. December. Mr. Congeniality was Nahum Hinsta (12), AJ Clement (12) and Mniko Warioba (12) as Mr. November. “We came into the pageant doing it for fun, and as long as we have fun, that’s all that matters,” Tran said.