Jenna Mi

Jenna Mi, Reporter

Jenna Mi, known by the nickname “Jen,” is an avid photographer. She loves rainy days, especially when she can go outside to hear and smell the rain. Mi is careful to always spend her time wisely. She thinks that it is important that passions are enjoyable, and for her, these enjoyable passions include photography. When not taking photos, Mi is a baker, capable of making a vast variety of delicious bread. Jen speaks multiple languages including Mandarin Chinese and English, and she is best described as an intelligent and generous person, a great person to have as a friend. Additionally, as both a journalist and a friend, Mi values trustworthiness above all else. These traits, combined with her hard-earned skill in photography, allow her to uniquely tell stories with vividness and accuracy. Mi makes a strong effort to be informed about events occurring in the world around her. She cares that she is aware of what is going on, even if the truth is not pleasant, and she is not afraid to have a strong opinion about the importance of curating a balanced news cycle. Currently a sophomore, Mi is looking forward to eventually having a Ph.D. in anthropology, no small feat. If cost did not matter, Mi would buy a (DSLR) Leica Camera (D-Lux, Type 109), featuring a touchscreen. She would enjoy this camera not just for its picture-taking quality but also because it is very compact. Having a more compact camera would allow her to carry one around more often, letting her digitally capture the world around her more often.

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Jenna Mi