Nadia Hines

Nadia Hines, Social Media Manager

Junior Nadia Hines, a second-year journalism student, loves marine biology and criminology. Hines has a passion for marine biology because since she was little, she always loved every aspect of the ocean. This year, she is interested in doing podcasting, creative contributions and photojournalism. Growing up in a Hispanic household, Hines learned both Spanish and English.  Hines’s friends describe her as a funny and sweet person; she values humor and kindness in friendships because she always looks to her friends when she is having a bad day. One of the best pieces of advice Hines has ever received is from her mom: “You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t put yourself out there.” Hines applies this in her life when she meets new people and opportunities she feels unaccustomed to. Hines enjoys swimming, dancing, cheer, photography and, most importantly, singing. Hines participates in the Singing Club at school and performs outside of school at concerts, theater, open mic nights, her old elementary school—Achiever Christian School—and church. Hines’s favorite aspect of journalism is being afforded the freedom to write what she is most passionate about. Hines's favorite contribution to Aquila last year was her piece “Friendship at a Distance.” This was Hines’ most memorable piece because it was her first article and an exciting start to her journalism career. She is excited for the work she will be creating this year.

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Nadia Hines