Emma Fulton
Emma Noel Fulton, a freshman, is excited to partake in her first year of journalism. One of the things Fulton loves to do is skiing, especially on Crystal Mountain in Washington. She describes it as a feeling of freedom and enjoys the refreshing breeze as she goes down the mountain, which is why she felt inclined to join cross country this year as well. Her skiing has also taught her many techniques to use while running like not leaning forward when running and to control your speed while going downhill. Fulton enjoys speaking and learning languages besides English; she speaks English, Spanish, French, and German. She says it takes about 4 years to master a language so that you can have a proper conversation with someone and hopes to one day have an in-depth conversation with a variety of people. Fulton describes herself as über sarcastic and says she adds the accent to the ‘u’ because the English language does not properly pronounce the word. She hopes to one day grow up to become a translator so she can have conversations with people in other languages. Prior to going to college Fulton plans on having a job but will wait until the second semester to focus on cross country and a ski trip in December.

Emma Fulton, Reporter

Feb 25, 2020
All Homework, No Play (Media)
The Student News Site of University Preparatory Academy
Emma Fulton