Akhila Ayyadevara

Akhila Ayyadevara, Team Editor

Akhila Ayyadevara is a sophomore and second year member of Aquila. In the future, Ayyadevara sees herself in college, but she is not sure what her major is going to be yet. Rather than living life focused on the outcome of each year, Ayyadevara experiences each day as it comes. She speaks two languages, English and Telugu, the latter of which is spoken in South India. Ayyadevara greatly values humor and kindness, as she enjoys a good laugh every once in a while. “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle,” said by Irina Dunn, has been Ayyadevara’s favorite quote since she was in middle school. Her parents have pushed the idea of needing to have a life with marriage and kids, but she has never seen that for herself. She is not against the idea of marriage for herself, but believes people do not need to get married to live a fulfilling, complete life. Ideally, she would like to travel the world and grow plenty of plants. Ayyadevara’s favorite aspect of journalism is reporting on what needs to be heard regardless of the audience that needs to hear it. She especially wants to do this with in-depths because of how much she enjoyed reading them last year. The topic she wishes to address this year is society's rejection of traditional femininity that is often forced onto young girls.

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Akhila Ayyadevara