Akhila Ayyadevara

Akhila Ayyadevara, Editor-in-Chief

Senior Akhila Ayyadevara is in her fourth year of journalism and first year as Co-Editor-in-Chief of Aquila. She joined journalism in hopes of finding a sense of community; that soon became her favorite thing about Aquila. Out of her various articles, her favorite thus far is her article “It’s Not Me, It’s You: Romcoms Fall From Fame.” This particular piece is personal to her, due to her childhood love of rom-coms and the flaws in them that she noticed growing up. She enjoyed delving into the cultural effect of rom-coms and why they no longer feel as memorable as they used to. In the future, she hopes to live in New York City, be a successful professional in an apartment full of plants, with a cat and a beautiful kitchen. Her love lies in writing and researching for in-depth pieces, talking about social justice issues and providing perspectives on their impacts. As an overthinker, Ayyadevara follows the advice: “You are not in control of everything, so just radically accept what does not go your way.” This has helped her learn that failure does not define her; everything is just a learning experience. She believes that life does not follow linear growth and if things are meant to go her way, they will. This year, Ayyadevara hopes to strengthen the framework of the journalism class and give back to the UPA community by keeping to Aquila’s core values.

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Akhila Ayyadevara