Joe Shem
Joe Shem, a sophomore at UPA, decided to return to journalism for a second year because of his fascination with the school magazine. With dreams of becoming a professional psychologist, Shem values the importance of mental health and has a desire to help people express what they are truly feeling. Additionally, he cherishes kindness because he finds that it is easier working with kind people. He wishes to attend college, although he does not have a particular university in mind, and study psychology. Shem believes that being satisfied with life is fulfilled by achieving happiness. Shem is bilingual, speaking Japanese and English. He has been learning Japanese since he was three or four years old from a Japanese school and is currently at the high school level. Shem is usually found wearing a mask, mostly for the purpose of allergies. However, he has adapted the mask to fit his personality, describing himself as “Masked Boy.” Shem loves for salmon roe, bright orange fish eggs, and enjoys playing video games and constructing plastic ship models. 

Joe Shem, Team Editor, Assistant Web Manager

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Joe Shem