Julia Wong
Julia Wong is a returning journalism student currently in tenth grade. She values patience, truthfulness, and kindness in her friends and peers. The quote “Never judge a book by its cover” speaks to her because she believes that there is more to people than their appearance and reputation. Getting to know the person, in her opinion, is better than any other method of learning information about someone,  whether that be gossip or just a preliminary opinion of their appearance. If she had $1000, she would consider giving it to charities like a homeless shelter, animal shelter, or orphanage. She feels the money can be an opportunity to give people and animals a better life. She owns two cats, Honey and Felix whom she cares for greatly, and she loves visiting the cat section in Petco. Wong describes herself as a bookworm, and she enjoys reading when she has the chance to. In the future, she sees herself at a college studying something in the arts, but she is also open to discovering any new potential majors throughout her high school career. If Wong could eat any food for the rest of her life she would choose fried rice; she favors her great-grandma’s the most because it has all of her favorite add-ins in it. She is, overall, a very kind and light-hearted person. 

Julia Wong, Reporter

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Julia Wong