Getting That Good Grade

Studying for tests and quizzes can be a challenge, so here are some tips and tricks on how to do your personal best

Study Tips:

  • Breathe in a specific scent through your nose, as it is actually scientifically proven by Mark Moss from Northumbria University to help you remember content better. They used the scent of rosemary to help strengthen the pupils’ memory. While studying for finals, spray a certain perfume or cologne, and when testing day comes, spray a little bit on your wrist.  
  • Part 1 of studying: Memorize important terms using resources like the ever popular Quizlet. When you have to remember key terms for history class or Spanish vocabulary words and their translations, make a Quizlet or paper flashcards and study at least two or three days before the final. Another trick: watch a video or music video that explains terms to you in a creative way and one that you can memorize or rewatch multiple times.
  • Part 2 of studying: Understand all important concepts. Find out what you have trouble remembering a week in advance of the day of your final. Find different ways to practice a concept, like asking a friend, teacher, or parent to explain it to you. People explain topics differently, and it is likely the way they explain it will help you grasp a confusing concept.
  • Reward yourself. Sometimes there is just not enough motivation to study. Instead, tell yourself for every hour you study, you can have a snack or break. It will motivate you to push through those long hours of studying.

How to destress:

  • Talk to your parents/guardian about your thoughts. Parents can be a support system through high school, so take a moment to talk to them.
  • Take frequent breaks. Studying can be a lot for the mind, so maybe watch an episode of TV or read a chapter of a book. Find some way to enjoy yourself.
  • Sleep. Sleeping is vital for a student, and although there might be tons of studying to do, your health should be your number one priority. Plan to study for a few hours and then go to bed at a time that will give you at least 8 hours of sleep.