ASB Carnival: Take Two

To celebrate the end of the second marking period, ASB held a carnival and food fair on Friday, Nov. 4.

“UPA wants to celebrate the hard work of all students,” ASB Advisor Andrew Yau said, “and the Carnival is meant to be a time where students can relax and have some fun at the end of each marking period. ASB has put an emphasis on having more fun on campus this year in order to help make students happier and to promote school spirit.”

​According to the school calendar, ASB has scheduled five carnivals, 20 free dress days, and nine Friday lunch activities with freebie giveaways this year.

Sophomore ASB representative Meghana Chintala said a lot of planning went into the event.

“We scheduled meetings to discuss about the carnival,” Chintala said. “Preparations and plans were decided from the beginning of the year.”

Chintala also said the event was more successful compared to the first carnival held in September.

“We revised the problems that occurred in the first carnival and ensured that this one would be more organized and enjoyable,” she said.

There were carnival games, music, and an inflatable obstacle course.

A few of UPA’s clubs even promoted fundraising.

“I didn’t participate in any games, but I got the food,” sophomore Keziah Godson said.

Godson also said she found out about the cultural club Unidad Poder Academico, which she described as “the one that was selling coconut drinks and Mexican bread.”

Selling at the carnival made an impact on some of the student body and inspired them to join clubs.

Junior Grace Edwards, inspired to join the Interact club, did not participate in a lot of the carnival events, but did participate in the bounce house racing.

“It was fun since I kept pulling the people back,” she said.

To increase participation in carnival activities, Chintala, along with the rest of ASB, has become inspired to make upcoming carnivals even more enjoyable.

“Next time, we will try to get more people to participate and perhaps include more games and activities that everyone can be a part of,” Chintala said.