A Book Over a Cellphone

You check the time on your phone and turn on a playlist to listen to as you walk towards the doors of the library.

Once inside, you put down your phone and pick up the sequel to the book you just finished. You flip to the first page and begin to read. You read until you hear on the PA system that the library will be closing soon. You take out your library card to check out the book.

In this age of technology, these pastimes are not as popular as watching Netflix or surfing the web. An overwhelming amount of people prefer staring at their phone to reading a book. Because of this, some might say a library’s value is dwindling. However, there are still reasons as to why libraries are still an invaluable contribution to society.

People choose to work, read, study or just relax at milk tea shops or coffee houses. It is well-known that UPA students will traverse to the Starbucks in the Willow Glen Village to study while sipping on a drink. These spots share the expectation of spending money. There is an expectation to buy a product in exchange for sitting down and relaxing at these places.

In today’s world, where “time is money,” there are few sites that do not demand payment. The library is one of those locations. There is no need to bring a wallet full of cash when at the library no matter if you are there for two minutes or two hours. It would not matter if you were there using the computer or doing homework. At the library, there are no expectations of having to make a purchase.

Libraries, in addition to being absolutely free, are phenomenal and quiet places that are excellent for doing homework or studying. There are few places in this community full of schools, shops and homes that do not revolve around the constant chatter and noise. The library houses books as well as resources for information on topics and free tutoring. Additional programs such as book clubs and homework help offered at the library make it a unique and valuable place to spend your time.

And, of course, there is the most obvious use of libraries: reading books. Stories found at a library motivate avid-readers. Yet, in this world of technology, there are ebooks and audiobooks that can be downloaded in lieu of visiting a library.

But you cannot pick up a book and start to read before you decide to check it out while downloading an audiobook. You cannot appreciate the covers of a book or the feeling of turning the final page on an ebook. You will only find the experiences of holding and feeling a book in your hands at the library.