On a ‘Sugar Rush Ride’

Reviewing TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s fifth EP, The Name Chapter: Temptation

TOMORROW X TOGETHER opened the scenes of fourth generation K-pop to a unique world of fantasy-like storytelling through their music, revealing a new chapter of their story with each release. The K-pop boy group debuted on March 4, 2019 consisting of Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Hueningkai. Their sound started as a refreshing, innocent concept to represent blissful youth and friendship. As the group advanced forward, TXT dove deeper into the fragmented complexity of adolescence: alienation, escapism, heartbreak, etc. Since I am currently an adolescent, I appreciate TXT’s music for touching on subjects that are relatable and allows me to feel connected with others.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s concept design for their title track song, Sugar Rush Ride, represents a devil hidden in beautiful temptation.

Through their intricate music video and enchanting lyrics, TXT charmed fans with their mesmerizing Neverland concept and newest EP – “The Name Chapter: Temptation” – released on Jan. 27, 2023 that reached No. 1 album on the Billboard 200.


  1. Happy Fools (Feat. Coi Leray)

This bubbly song includes writing credits from all the members and notes Yeonjun’s first contribution in producing a melody for their album. The intro begins with elevator music but suddenly remixes into a playful beat that feels like being swept away from the dullness of reality. Its vibrant sound shifts the album’s homesick mood with the concept of breaking out of a constricted routine to instead immerse oneself in the present as “happy fools.” With the inclusion of Coi Leray’s sparkly verse, the lyrics further paint the image of pure happiness that never seems to age. Especially her line “Foreign came in lemon lime I just wanna live my life” is so satisfying when her voice goes into a higher pitch at the end of each rhyme and her adlibs add to the cuteness. It makes me excited for future collabs with more artists.

  1. Farewell, Neverland

Being the last song on the EP, “Farewell, Neverland” wraps up the adventures in Neverland with Peter Pan. Escapism is a common theme TXT uses within their music and surrounding their concept around Neverland fits it perfectly. The dependence on Neverland is comforting as it promises eternal childhood, but the song indicates that change must be made in order to heal and grow. The bittersweet lyrics paired with the acoustic-pop melody tugs at my heartstrings, especially when Taehyun sings the line “no matter where I go 여긴 no home.” The way he stresses on the word “home” is like an aching call for Neverland to be a permanent home, but all sweet things come to an end as it is all an illusion. 

  1. Devil by the Window

Being their second full English song, “Devil by the Window” has an eerie sound mixed with the elegant voices of the artists, which is completely opposite from their first English song (“Magic”). The heavy bass in the background adds depth to the song while also allowing the feathery vocals to stand out. It has a similar rock vibe to their other song “Frost” mixed with “Eternally” that gives it the ethereal switch in sound but more toned down in eeriness. What entrances me the most is when the song transitions into a dream-like melody for the outro. I literally “feel my body drifting into the sky” when I hear Taehyun sing that line. As the outro progresses, the angelic sound intensifies with a speedy clicking noise that makes me anticipate another drop, but it slowly fades out as the song ends. It leaves me desiring more of the heavenly tune.

  1. Tinnitus (Wanna be a Rock)

Indulging in a new genre is not something unfamiliar to TXT and with “Tinnitus (Wanna be a Rock)” they explore influences of Afrobeat and Afropop. The addictive, effortless flow of beats hypnotizes my body to sway into dance. In contrast to the laid-back melody, the lyrics display the buzzing noise of thoughts circling self doubt – yearning to be something more significant. To beautifully put it, “돌멩이도 난 뭐 좋은 것 같아 그저 굴러가는 게 나만의 rock ‘n’ roll” which translates to “I think being a rock I think it would be good Just rolling around My own rock ‘n’ roll.” I personally relate to this line (and entire song) because I am constantly being drowned in my own head about every possible thought that comes to mind but submitting to a low-maintenance existence tempts me. There are less worries existing as rock than existing as a human being.

  1. Sugar Rush Ride

“Sugar Rush Ride” is yet another title track from TXT that has left me stunned because of how dazzling it is. The radiant guitar element reminds me of “Blue Hour” that gives off the same thrill of everlasting joy. The chorus is where the pleasant vibe drops off into an anti-drop with an alluring whistle that is forever engraved in my brain. What got me hooked was the refrain with Soobin’s line “삼켜버려 The sugar rush” that is sung in a silky falsetto – it’s like ear candy. Although the energy of the song is more suitable for the summer, I see myself playing it all year long because of how much I’m addicted to it. 

I will always resonate with TXT’s complex themes of escapism and preservation of youth, and this new release further solidifies that fact. But I can only wonder, what will the next chapter bring? Acceptance? Clarity? I can’t wait to find out.