Alexandra Rozmarin

Alexandra Rozmarin, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Fourth-year journalism student and Co-Editor-in-Chief Alexandra Rozmarin’s first article was not published in high school, but rather at age eight in a newspaper she created with her best friend: the Girls’ Gazette. Rozmarin’s cover story—a profile about the best tetherball player at her elementary school that, while completely ignoring AP style, heeded narrative structure—foreshadowed her eventual enrollment in journalism class off of a “gut feeling.” After placing in a local NorCal competition in her first semester and receiving a “superior” award at a national journalism convention, Rozmarin’s gut feeling was confirmed, and she decided to continue pursuing journalism as a freshman Features Editor. Since then, she has gone on to serve as one of the youngest Co-Editor-in-Chiefs in Aquila history, write an internationally recognized article about eating disorders and lead her staff through the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and distance learning. Rozmarin’s 3,000-word in-depth about eating disorders, “My Own Worst Enemy,” took four months to complete and covers nuances of societal pressures stemming from social media, the modeling industry and expectations of femininity. Although the piece forced her to acknowledge her own struggles with body image, Rozmarin credits the reporting process as a legitimizing experience for her as a journalist. Throughout her years as an editor and reporter, pushing the bounds of her comfort zone, she has also realized her true leadership style tends towards empathy and building individual connections. As for future plans, Rozmarin sees herself in New York. Doing what? She is not quite sure yet, but thinks a math major and a few narrative nonfiction novels will be in the mix.

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Alexandra Rozmarin