Arielle Rose-Finn

Arielle Rose-Finn, Copy Editor

Arielle Rose-Finn, a senior at UPA and two-time member of Aquila, was born on February 26, 2002. Rose-Finn aspires to be a future editor or translator. She wishes that either of these careers bring her happiness and satisfaction. She does not want to pursue a job that floods her with money but instead happiness and gratitude. She loves wearing cute colorful clothes. She hopes to travel around the world, most preferably Europe or Asia. Her favorite food of all time is jam and toast, and if she had an option, she would only eat raspberry jam and toast. She is very picky in terms of friendship, keeping her friend group close. Her friends’ qualities must match her high standards of people who are caring and thoughtful. She wants people in her circle to be willing to communicate, listen and respect others. Her motto and outlook on life is “You never know what awaits you.” Rose-Finn is very open-minded and optimistic in regards to what the future has in store for her. She has participated in UPA theater productions from eighth through tenth grade. She is also a singer-- you may most notably know her lead role performance in “Emma.” On the topic of music, Rose-Finn loves k-pop music; her favorite bands are Stray Kids and Red Velvet. Rose-Finn is very much an animal person, most notably more of a cat than a dog person. She loves dogs but having spent much more time with cats, so she obtained a better understanding of them along with love. Rose-Finn cares very much for the community, and she believes that the struggles of minorities need to be brought into the daylight so they can gain more publicity and attention in order to solve the issue.

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Buchanan fishes on a riffle in Pit River.

Changing Tides

February 24, 2020
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Arielle Rose-Finn