Romita Pakrasi

Romita Pakrasi, Reporter

Romita Pakrasi is a sophomore in her first year of journalism. She took journalism because she likes to write and wants to expand her skills. Although she is taking journalism, Pakrasi aspires to go into business and eventually become the CEO of a tech company. To do this, she is planning to receive a master’s degree in business and then work her way up a company until she is promoted to CEO. New York is her ideal home location because it is a metropolis and has a very urban setting. If Pakrasi were to receive $1,000, she would save it for college with the exception of buying food, airpods, books and other necessities. Pakrasi currently speaks two and a half languages; English, Bengali, and “half” of Odia because of its extreme similarity to Bengali. Pakrasi’s favorite quote is “Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from flying” because fear should not be a reason keeping one from trying something new. She always thought of failure as the worst possible scenario, but ultimately discovered that not trying is worse. Pakrasi’s friends would describe her as compassionate as she is caring and understanding, and sarcastic because of her witty remarks. Although she lives in California, Pakrasi was actually born in Florida and only moved here seven years ago because her dad got a job here. Friends and family are extremely important to Pakrasi because they support her in everything she does. She believes she could not do half the activities she does without the love and help of her friends and family.

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Romita Pakrasi