Evelyn Ramirez
Evelyn Nicole Ramirez, a junior, is beginning her second year in journalism. Her desire to expand her knowledge of the community and her interest in reporting is why she chose to take the class again. Ramirez hopes to go to college and pursue a career path in medicine which fulfills her desire of wanting to help others. For about five years, Ramirez took ice skating lessons; although she eventually stopped, she still wanted to maintain being active, so she is joining the UPA cheer team this year. When she is not at school or cheer practice, she is her mother take care of children. Ramirez values her family and friendships due to the major impact they have made on her life. She also values trust immensely;  it is vital for her in any relationship. If she could describe herself in only two words, they would be loud and funny. Ramirez’s first language is Spanish, and now she is gifted with the opportunity of being bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish. If she could only eat one food for the rest of her life it would be either tacos or burgers. Her favorite place to get tacos is from Tacos Los Tres Reyes, and she likes to get her burgers from In-N-Out. 

Evelyn Ramirez, Reporter

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Evelyn Ramirez