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Farah Noor, Reporter

Farah Johann Noor is a junior, and her name means “joy” in Arabic, which is a reason why her mom chose the name. In 10 years, Farah sees herself married and working as a lawyer; she aspires to be a lawyer because it is important to her to fight for people who do not have a voice. Farah also believes that everyone deserves to be heard because there are always two sides of a story. When she is older, she wants to visit Malaysia with her best friends and husband since her family is from there. Farah loves tropical places, and her favorite season is summer, but also enjoys the winter. She likes to be cozy inside while it is chilly outside. The Pink Drink is her favorite from Starbucks, and the sauce on vegetarian pizza is a reason why it is her favorite type of pizza. In fact, she could eat pizza for the rest of her life. If she had to describe herself as a color, Farah would say she is pink. To Farah, pink is a happy color and she is always happy. If she were to describe herself as an ice-cream flavor, it would be vanilla because it is sweet and also her favorite scent. Although she does not have any pets, if she were to have one it would be a dog named Cleo.

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Farah Noor