Nayeli Brewster

Nayeli Brewster, Reporter

Nayeli Brewster is a sophomore and a first-year journalism student. An aspiring medical school student, Brewster hopes to become a doctor, specifically an obstetrician or a plastic surgeon. One of her hobbies is baking; specifically, she loves to bake cakes and improve upon her cookie-making skills. She values self-worth and self-care, and hopes that more people will realize how strong they are. Brewster is also learning Spanish to connect with her mother’s Mexican side of the family. In others, she values truthfulness and authenticity above all else, and immensely respects people who stay true to themselves. Brewster’s mother is an important role model in her life, and they both go by Muhammad Ali’s quote “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,” meaning that one can be graceful and elegant while still being powerful and strong. In her free time, Brewster loves to ride her bike around her neighborhood, shop and hang out with friends. She considers many of her friends and family friends to be a part of her family and values them greatly. As for one of her life philosophies, when met with struggles, Brewster reminds herself that she cannot control the actions of others, and can only control how she reacts. With that advice in her head, she always acts with fairness and openness to new things. 

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Nayeli Brewster