Kyla Ulug

Kyla Ulug, Team Editor

Kyla Ulug is a freshman, eager to embark on her first year of journalism. Ulug considers herself to be a bright, versatile and talented individual, with diverse interests in the field of artistic expression. One of Ulug’s passions is dance, an art form in which she excels. She enjoys the creative aspect involved in making choreography, as well as the sheer joy that comes from learning other people’s dances. Apart from dancing, Ulug, being bilingual in English and Turkish, also takes great intrigue in expanding her knowledge of the world through learning various languages and cultures. She has recently discovered her aspiration to learn more about Korean language and culture, stemming from her fascination with Korean dramas and music. “If you think you’re going to crash, step on the pedal harder” is a quote by Min Yoongi which resonates with Ulug as she often feels fear in the face of the unknown. She hopes to change to be able to freely experience her adolescence without any regret. When Ulug is not dancing or engaged in schoolwork, she loves to just have a day in with the comfort of food, K-dramas, and longboarding. Ulug is still unsure of her future goals and career ambitions, but hopes to navigate the different elements of art to find the right direction to pursue. Until then, her curiosity to educate herself in matters of race and ethnicity provide the perfect incentive to capitalize on the opportunity of being a part of journalism and explore more of the world. 

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Kyla Ulug