Alyssa Garcia
Alyssa Garcia is a sophomore in her first year of journalism. Garcia loves sports, learning new languages, animals and the Dollar Tree. She plays a total of four sports: cross country, lacrosse, wrestling and soccer. Among them, she enjoys soccer the most because she has played it the longest. At age four, her older sister encouraged her to start playing soccer, and she continues to play because sports offer her an opportunity to improve her teamwork and time management skills. Garcia currently speaks two languages--English and Spanish--and is trying to learn a third: German. Although she has been trying to learn German on Duolingo, her success has been limited due to Duolingo’s teaching restrictions. She wishes she had a real teacher, rather than an app, to teach her German. She wants to learn and speak more languages because she is intrigued by the similarities and differences between languages and thinks it is useful to be able to speak multiple languages. Another thing Garcia finds useful is the Dollar Tree because they offer many items of average quality, all for the low price of a dollar. Her favorite item is their ice cream because she likes the taste of ice cream and the fact that it subverts her expectations of what ice cream for a dollar would taste like.

Alyssa Garcia, Team Editor

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Alyssa Garcia