Chloe Luu

Chloe Luu, Reporter

Sophomore Chloe Luu enters her second year in journalism as a sophomore, eager for the opportunity to make worthwhile contributions to Aquila. Luu chose to take journalism knowing that the versatility of the course allowed for self-exploration, and she found herself able to express her creativity through designing pages and writing articles about interesting topics. In the past year, Luu has written several online pieces featuring UPA students and classrooms, and she hopes to explore photojournalism and broadcasting now that journalism has returned to in-person learning. Luu believes that although major global issues, including racism, poverty and climate change, receive immense media attention, there is not enough action to go accompany that attention and there is a major issue when it comes to performative activism. Luu aspires to help people overcome their mental health problems, noticing the effect on the people around her and realizing that reliable resources are in short supply. A piece of advice from Luu’s friend that helped her work through her stress was to keep a positive mindset because a negative one would not do her any good, and she continues to apply it in many aspects of her life. She values empathy in others as well as herself, and a sense of trust within her family is tremendously important to her. In her free time, Luu enjoys playing various video games, reading, archery and going on walks. Although she loves spending time with her friends, Luu values the time she spends alone. Returning to in-person learning has proven to be quite a challenge, but Luu is determined to focus on setting herself up for success this school year and producing quality pieces that she is proud of.

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Chloe Luu