Surf Club Makes Waves

Surf Club co-presidents Hannah Janse (left) and Aaron Janse (right) founded the club to share their surfing experience and teach others about the sport.
February 12, 2019

On a Tuesday afternoon, students cluster in the Johns Hopkins classroom to review surfing safety rules. One of UPA’s newest club additions—the Surf Club—was founded by freshman Hannah Janse and junior...

New Clubs for a New Start

New Clubs for a New Start
February 7, 2019

Some people feel anxious when they first attend UPA, and they might not know if they will find a place to belong to in this new school environment. But a variety of new clubs have been established...

Movie Night: A Tradition Not Forgotten

Movie Night: A Tradition Not Forgotten
January 21, 2019

Jenica Pham Once a tradition at UPA since 2010, Movie Night enabled students to watch the latest blockbuster films with their friends and family. The films shown at Movie Night included...

Comedy: A New Type of Sport

Players participate in an improvisational game by finishing each other's sentences.
January 21, 2019

The whistle sounds. “Reverse,” Christine Welsh-Buck, the coordinator for UPA’s ComedySportz high school league team, says. The players on stage—seventh graders Nicole Eike, Adam Janse and...

All Blue

Campus intruder forces code blue
November 17, 2018

At around 10 a.m on Nov. 16, just as the ten-minute break was about to end, students in the Learning Center found themselves shoved inside random classrooms by faculty. On the final day of instruction...

Smoke, the New Bay Area Norm

The sun shines through the smoke-filled sky in the Bay Area. It could be until next week when the smoke begins to clear out, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.
School in session despite poor air quality conditions in San Jose
November 16, 2018

Smoke from the recent wildfire — Camp Fire — in Butte County is drifting into areas all the way to San Jose. As a result, schools from around the Bay Area canceled classes on Nov. 16, but UPA...

Official ASB Account Impersonated

The Instagram page of the fake ASB account claims the official account was experiencing issues. The account has been gaining followers since it was first created on the night of Nov. 11.
November 12, 2018

The Associated Student Body (ASB) has been using its Instagram page, @upa.asb, this school year to inform both students and teachers about upcoming events such as dances, spirit weeks and carnivals. On...

ASB Elects Approach the New Year With New Ideas

ASB Elects Approach the New Year With New Ideas
July 14, 2018

Elections for ASB came to a close as winners were announced on May 25 during the Senior Send Off rally. UPA welcomes the new ASB president for the 2018-19 school year: Krizel Tomines; Vice Presidents:...

Relentless Matchmaking, Conquering Hardships on Stage

Most of the cast and the choreographer of
July 11, 2018

Actors gathered in the Horton on March 17, 23 and 24 to finish setting up or to invite guests into the auditorium for the show Emma!. The cast’s family members and friends arrived to see the work...

Improvements and New Policies on the Horizon

June 30, 2018

In November 2017, UPA selected students from every grade level to participate in the first school-wide focus groups. In the span of four meetings, students and Director of Student Services Andrew Yau...

News Brief: PowerSchool to Replace Schoology Next School Year

June 23, 2018

In the 2018-2019 school year, students will no longer be using Schoology to check their grades or receive announcements. This year, math and computer science teacher Nicole Sebek attended trainings...

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