Reactions to the Blackout

Reactions to the Blackout

Emily Hung, Editor-in-Chief

April 18, 2018

On April 18, there was a blackout across campus in the middle of third period at approximately 10:48 a.m. Click on the circles on the upper-left corner of each photo to see where each person was and their story of the blackout. ...

News Brief: 17 Minutes for 17 Victims

From left to right: Megan Uy (10) and Kiana Saqui (10) both hold their signs.

Bianca Lang, Social Media Manager

March 14, 2018

Bianca LangMarch 14, 2018News Brief: 17 Minutes for 17 VictimsSeventeen people were killed by shooter Nikolas Cruz on Feb. 14 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL.​To remember those who died, UPA students and staff were encouraged to participate in a voluntary school walkout on March 14, o...

News Brief: The World in One Mind

Andrew Crabtree (8) holding his certificate as the school champion of the 2018 National Geographic Bee. 

Natalia Alvarez, Staff Writer

March 12, 2018

During lunch on Jan. 26 and 30, eighth grader Andrew Crabtree and the members of the Geography Club sat in Harvard participating in the Geography Bee. Crabtree enjoys learning about different aspects of the world and competing against others, which led him to create this year’s Geography...

DRO-PR for Victims of Hurricane Maria

An image of the team's website is shown above. People can access the group's apps on Android and Apple devices, as well as on their websites: and

Ruchika Singla, In-Depth Editor

March 5, 2018

Major Leagues Hacking organized a twenty-four hour hackathon for female high schoolers in the Bay Area, hosted at Medallia--a software company--from Jan. 27 to 28. When freshman Kaitlin White’s father suggested that she enter the free contest, White did not know what to expect. She had ...

Curing Blood One Note at a Time

Veronica Gonzalez (10) and Megan Uy (10) singing and playing the ukulele.

Kristian Crowther, Eagle Life Editor

February 10, 2018

People say ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ but for one group at UPA willing to make a difference, they challenge that idea with the power of music. On Feb. 10, Team CUREblood of the Student of the Year Challenge for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, led by juniors Amy Kumar, Tanvir Sandh...

Opening Doors, Opening Opportunities

Annie Zhang, Staff Writer

January 27, 2018

On Saturday Jan. 27, UPA welcomed prospective students and their parents during its annual Open House as part of the requirements to enter the school’s lottery process, which will take place on March 6. A way to introduce the students and their parents to the typical schedule of a student attending...

Restricting the Freedom of the Internet

Emily Hung, Editor-in-Chief

December 22, 2017

Students and teachers complain when UPA restricts them access to certain websites or when the Wi-Fi speed lags. In other words, they take for granted their freedom to access the internet. Now a Republican-dominated Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vote of 3-2 on Dec. 14 has repealed net n...

D-A-C-A, It’s So Much More Than Just Four Letters

Nicole Rendler, Managing Editor

November 6, 2017

On Thursday Oct. 5, Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation that officially made California a sanctuary state. This bill limits the ability of the state and local governments to question, hold or transfer people involved in immigration cases. According to the Los Angeles Times, California houses...

San Jose Police Experiences Shortage

Bianca Lang, Social Media Manager

December 15, 2016

Members of the San Jose Police Department are booking overtime to keep up with the shortage of officers. The SJPD believes it needs at least 500 officers for a city with more than a million people, but according to ABC News, it only has 413. The SJPD declared a state of emergency on September 11...

College Life As Told by Teachers

Megan Wescoat

December 12, 2016

Seniors, do not be alarmed. The thought of college and a career path even appeared frightening to fellow teachers at first. For AP biology and psychology teacher, Loren Schwinge, it was a confusing time. “I was undeclared when I first entered college, and then pledged biology with the intent ...

Hiding From Bystander’s Eyes

Emily Hung

November 17, 2016

On October 29, 2016, a 6-foot-tall, three-part foldable divider was put up to secure the privacy of the girls’ bathroom by the gym. There had been no previous intention of such an idea until the divider showed up in the office, brought by an anonymous donor. Since then, the divider has been useful in...

Students Volunteering at Election

Joshua Cheah and Tyler Jacobsen

November 15, 2016

“Don’t forget your sticker!” the volunteer said as the woman started to walk away after having finished casting her vote for one of the presidential candidates. Every 4 years citizens of our country gather together to cast their vote for the presidential candidate they believe will best ser...

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