Their lives matter, too

AJ Phillips worked at All Chemical Disposal and Stericycle for eight years before his 2015 death. He was preparing to move to Las Vegas to start a new career. He loved his family, especially his siblings, Roberson said.

Alexandra Rozmarin

June 1, 2020

When junior Nur Ambaw was 15, he was a passenger along with two of his cousins as his older brother drove through downtown San Jose. The Lexus the boys were riding in was a gift to the older Ambaw brother from his mother. Suddenly, blue and red flashing lights appeared behind the car. Both the Ambaw ...

Protesters evade shelter-in-place guidelines to demonstrate against COVID-19 emergency dorms for homeless

Members of the community express disdain toward Mayor Sam Liccardo and Councilmember of District 2 Sergio Jimenez, protesting the tiny homes at 7 a.m. despite the fact that Jimenez voted against the construction on the Bernal/Monterey lot.

Alexandra Rozmarin

April 28, 2020

South San Jose community members protested the construction of COVID-19 tiny homes for the homeless in District 2 on the morning of April 28, ignoring national, state and county shelter-in-place guidelines.  San Jose City Council approved the construction of emergency interim housing on city-owned l...

COVID-19 pandemic forces UPA campus closure

Executive Director David Porter speaks to Aquila about the details of the shutdown during a press conference on March 13. A video of the press conference can be found on our YouTube channel, Aquila Broadcast, as well as our Instagram, @upa_aquila.

Alexandra Rozmarin

March 13, 2020

The Santa Clara County Office of Education (SCCOE) announced at 11:30 a.m. on March 13 that all public schools in Santa Clara County will be closed to school attendance from March 16 to April 3 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are 79 confirmed cases and two deaths in Santa Clara County as...

Making History for the Wrong Reasons

Activists surround the White House on Nov. 21.

Vidya Achar

January 25, 2020

First was Johnson, next was Clinton and now Trump. Though our country has initiated presidential impeachment proceedings fourteen times, according to the Washington Post, the process is still polarizing. The impeachment process is not widely known.  “[The] American people’s concept of just...

Just Grab and Go

This photo illustration depicts, from left to right, eighth grader Chelsea Nguyen laughing while opening a granola bar and eighth grader Jasmine Dang picking up an apple. Nguyen has taken apples and oranges from Grab-n-Go while Dang has taken milk and apples.

Alexandra Rozmarin

August 30, 2019

Editor’s note: The following article is a continuation of What’s in a Meal? published in Vol. VIII Issue III of Aquila’s newsmagazine. Free snacks are not a new concept to UPA’s student body.  Otter Pops or free popcorn are regularly distributed during ASB-sponsored events like Fun Friday...

Behind the Scenes of a Rally

Kyle Lopez (12) and Adam Lawson (10) create the spirit day poster for Twin Day on Jan. 20. ASB members spend time painting the backdrop for each spirit day for students to use when taking photos.

Julia Wong

March 13, 2019

The Associated Student Body (ASB) spends several months each year planning the five rallies that take place in the gym, generally at the end of each spirit week excluding the senior send-off rally. ASB can start planning for a normal rally one or two months in advance, according to senior Francesca D...

From Monday to Friday

From Monday to Friday

Desiree Pekar, Reporter

February 15, 2019

The clock ticks 8:15 and students are filing into their chairs. 50-minute periods back-to-back along with break, lunch, and passing periods add up to release for middle school students at 2:35 and high school students at 3:31. The decision of switching the 1-7 schedule from Monday to Friday was well-...

Danger, Content Banned.

Danger, Content Banned.

Colin Updyke-Welch, Reporter

February 14, 2019

On Jan. 15, YouTube released its new policies regarding videos featuring dangerous and harmful pranks and challenges. The company has officially banned content that contains challenges with apparent risk of harm or even death to any of the participants, and the act of challenging others has also be...



Vrinda Vutukury and Farah Noor

February 13, 2019


Surf Club Makes Waves

Surf Club co-presidents Hannah Janse (left) and Aaron Janse (right) founded the club to share their surfing experience and teach others about the sport.

Katherine Nguyen, Copy Editor

February 12, 2019

On a Tuesday afternoon, students cluster in the Johns Hopkins classroom to review surfing safety rules. One of UPA’s newest club additions—the Surf Club—was founded by freshman Hannah Janse and junior Aaron Janse on Sept. 21, 2018. As one of the few sports clubs at UPA, it has sparked interest...

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